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Presentation – AFS Waste Management in Singapore

Presentation – AFS Waste Management in Singapore

Do you know where your trash goes? Understanding how waste is transported, processed, and managed is one of the most powerful tools to get people to act and recycle right. Organise a presentation to your staff today.

50 years of waste management in Singapore – recycling (part 1)

50 years of Waste Management in Singapore – Recycling (part 1)

Recycling has always existed, either as a formal sector or as an informal sector. In this new section of the review of “50 year of waste management in Singapore” we are exploring a brief summary of the history of waste management and some of the key concepts of the recycling eco-system.

New Government, pursuing commitments towards sustainability

New government, pursuing commitments towards sustainability

On 25th July 2020, Grace Fu Hai Yien has been appointed as the new Minister for Sustainability and the Environment. Over the last few weeks, the new Minister made a few speeches where she reinforced the commitment of the government to pursue existing initiatives and reminded the industry about existing programs.