Month: October 2019

Are you ready for the Mandatory Packaging Reporting?

Starting in 2020, under the Mandatory Packaging Reporting framework, companies will be required to submit a report on the types and amounts of packaging they introduce in the Singaporean market and present their 3R Plan on the packaging.

Remi Cesaro

Packaging waste – Presentation at the Home Delivery Asia conference

Remi Cesaro had the privilege to be invited as a guest speaker at the Home Delivery Asia Conference. He presented strategies that logistics companies and retailers can implement to reduce costs and minimise waste. The presentation covered the upcoming regulations in Singapore such as the Mandatory Packaging Reporting framework.

Organise a stationery amnesty in your office in 4 steps

Have you ever wondered how much stationary we collect over time? Unused pens, staplers, paper clips, highlighter pens, sticky tape, envelopes and other materials in our desk drawers have a cost for your business and for our planet. It is time to declutter your desk drawers! Organise a Stationery Amnesty in 4 steps.