Month: September 2019

Event: Panel discussion on Sustainability for Growth

On the 5th of September, French Tech Singapore and Delivery for Business have organized a panel discussion titled Sustainability for growth. The 4 panellists were:
– Josie Stoker from The Capture
– Stefan Phang from Diversey
– Remi Cesaro from Zero Waste City
– Vardhan Kapoor from Deliveroo

Home Delivery

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Zero Waste City is proud to announce that Remi Cesaro will be a guest speaker on Tuesday 24th September at 1:30 PM to talk about the strategies that businesses can implement to reduce costs, minimise waste, and how the new regulations are going to impact the packaging industry.

Why you should move to a centralised bin system?

Considered as a sign of convenience and progress, at-desk bins are now a huge barrier for offices to implement effective recycling programs. Although having its downsides, a centralised bin system is the most effective tool to drive better waste segregation.