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Mandatory Food Waste Segregation


The Mandatory Food Waste Segregation is a new regulation managed by the NEA and will be effective in 2024. Under this regulation, operators of commercial and industrial premises will be obliged to segregate their food waste from other waste streams and treat them as per the prescribed NEA guidelines. Learn more about it!

New ways of life 2050 – Welcome to the Anthropocene

Imagination Week 2021

12th January 2021. For the 10th edition iMagination Week, Remi Cesaro led a presentation to explain the origin and foreseeable consequences of two major problems unfolding: climate change and the depletion of resources. This presentation aimed to present the interconnections between our economy, climate, and use of resources.

Packaging Recyclability and Other Environmental Claims

Home Delivery Asia Conference 2020

23rd September 2020. Remi Cesaro had the privilege to be invited as a guest speaker at Home Delivery Asia. In this presentation, he covered the current trends in packaging sustainability, shared tips to strategise your packaging improvement and tools to make it happen. The presentation includes a demonstration of the Packaging Recyclability Evaluation Portal.

Mandatory Packaging Reporting

PDF of the presentation - Know how

On 31st August 2020, the Singapore Manufacturing Federation (SMF), in collaboration with the National Environmental Agency (NEA), organised online workshop to learn, discuss and get tips on best practices on how to comply with the Mandatory Packaging Reporting (MPR).

Remi Cesaro had the privilege to be invited as a speaker to share his expertise, as well as tips and advice, to the industry in order to facilitate the compliance with the MPR. The PDF of the presentation is freely available.

Food Waste Fund


The Food Waste Fund is a program managed by the NEA to support organisations implementing food waste reduction and recycling programs. In a nutshell, this program can fund 100% of the capital costs of the eligible projects, up to $100k. Learn more about it!

Zero Waste Masterplan


What’s a Zero Waste Masterplan? It is a document that defines the ambitions and strategies for a City or Community to go Zero Waste.

What’s being Zero Waste? A commonly accepted definition is that at least 90% of the solid waste generated by the City or Community are diverted from incineration, landfill, and the environment.

Packaging Waste Opportunities

Home Delivery Asia Conference 2019

24th September 2019. Remi Cesaro had the privilege to be invited as a guest speaker at Home Delivery Asia. He presented strategies that businesses can implement to reduce costs, minimise waste, and how the new regulations are going to impact the packaging industry and particularly the logistics and retail sectors. The presentation included several case studies and examples from manufacturers and warehouses. ​

Mandatory Packaging Reporting


Under the mandatory packaging reporting framework, producers of packaging and packaged products, such as brand owners, manufacturers, importers and retailers, will be required to submit annual reports to NEA on the types and amounts of packaging that they put on the Singapore market, and their 3R plans for packaging (i.e. plans to reduce, reuse and/or recycle packaging waste). Learn more about it!

Mandatory Waste Reporting


The MWR Scheme is an initiative aiming to draw management attention to and sustain their awareness of the amount of waste produced by their premises and the potential for improving waste management systems. 

3R Fund


The 3R Fund is a co-funding scheme to encourage organisations to reduce waste disposed of at NEA’s incineration plants and disposal facilities through the implementation of waste minimisation and recycling projects. Learn more about it!

The case for a deposit scheme in Singapore

White Paper

12th March 2019. This document provides an overview of the Norwegian Deposit Scheme and draws a comparison with Singapore. It highlights the main principles and results of the Norwegian scheme and investigates how a similar scheme could be applied in Singapore.

Zero Waste for businesses

Facility Management Conference 2018

22nd October 2018. Waste is a sign of inefficiency. The more waste your business generates, the more inefficient it is.

Remi Cesaro, the founder of Zero Waste City, presented the concept of zero waste for businesses at the Singapore Facility Management Conference 2018. The presentation includes methods and real-life case studies of companies which successfully closed the loop on waste.​