ZWC supports the launch of Label for Recycling!

On the 13th of November, media have announced the launch of a new not-for-profit organisation, called Label for Recycling. Zero Waste City is very proud to support the launch of this organisation which aims to

  1. bridge the gap between manufacturers and recyclers, so manufacturers can design truly recyclable packaging, and
  2. make recycling easier for consumers, via a set of standardised on-pack labels.

Two major challenges have been identified in the waste management ecosystem:

  • Consumers are unclear of what to and how to recycle, resulting in high contamination and loss of resources. In its article on 28th November 2018, Eco-Business revealed that 40% of the recyclables are directed to incineration due to contamination. 
  • Manufacturers are unaware of the local sorting and recycling capabilities leading to inaccurate labelling of their products.

Label for Recycling intent to resolve both issues via a two-part solution:

  1. Bridge the gap between manufacturers and recyclers via an online platform, called PREP, enabling manufacturers and brand owners to verify the recyclability of packaging in the local context.
  2. Remove confusion amongst consumers via a set of standardised on-pack labels strategically place on the packaging to make recycling easy for consumers

Label for Recycling is a member of the Singapore Packaging Agreement and will support the efforts to drive better recycling in Singapore and beyond!

Learn more by visiting Label for Recycling Asia website

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Our services include:

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