NEA’s update on Mandatory Packaging Reporting

On 4th March 2020, NEA published a press release about the Mandatory Packaging Reporting (MPR). In a nutshell, the MPR start date is 1st July 2020 and a capability development programme should start in Q2 2020.

Check the NEA’s press release on the website.

Mandatory Packaging Reporting framework


8 – The mandatory packaging reporting requirements under the Resource Sustainability Act will commence from 1 July 2020. Companies that supply regulated goods into the Singapore market, such as manufacturers and importers of packaged products, as well as retailers such as supermarkets will be required to report data annually on the amount of packaging that they put into the market. They will also need to develop 3R plans for packaging (i.e. plans to reduce, reuse or recycle packaging). For a start, the mandatory packaging reporting requirements will apply to companies with an annual turnover of more than $10 million. Companies will start collecting packaging data from 1 July 2020 and submit their first data and 3R plans to NEA in 2021. Refer to Annex A for information on the packaging covered under the framework and Annex B for the types of packaging that companies must include in their reports.

9 – To support companies in fulfilling their obligations, NEA will partner with the industry to develop a joint capability development programme. NEA will host workshops and training courses to familiarise companies with the reporting framework. The programme will also be a useful platform for companies to exchange best practices in sustainable packaging waste management. More information of the programme will be released by Q2 2020.

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Our services include:

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