Inspiring students for environmental engineering

Remi Cesaro, Zero Waste Consultant, was invited to deliver a presentation to the students of the Environmental Engineering Study Tour 2019 organised by BestTop Career. Some of the highlights of the presentation included:

  • What is an Environmental Engineer?
  • Overview of the energy landscape in Singapore and worldwide
  • Overview of the waste management landscape in Singapore and worldwide
  • The work of a consultant
  • Tips to a future engineer

What is an Environmental Engineer?

An Environmental Engineer is specialised in issues related to the environment which can cover subjects as diverse as energy, resources, water and land. An Environmental Engineer can be involved in a wide range of activities, or tasks in all different parts of the industry from production to consumption and disposing of materials and energy.

Based on the type of work (industrial, commercial, or consumer), the level of technicality of an environmental engineer will vary and might require deeper levels of understanding of technologies and their related physical concepts.

Overview of the energy landscape in Singapore and worldwide

Energy consumption is rising worldwide which is challenging our need to reduce carbon emissions. At the same time, the part of the renewable energy is increasing and we need more engineers to support this energy transition.

In Singapore, energy consumption is dominated by the industrial sector (50% of electricity and 90% of gas). They are usually unseen, but are often the biggest energy consumer in a country.

Overview of the waste management landscape in Singapore and worldwide

Forecasts for the next 10 years indicate that Africa and Asia will be the two major waste generators in the world. As a result, we will have a strong need for new waste management engineers to tackle down the challenges of the coming decade.

In Singapore, Semakau landfill is predicted to be full by 2035. This means that Singapore has to implement stricter regulations about waste management and to develop its recycling industry. This highlights a huge potential for improvements and the necessity to move to a circular economy.

The work of an energy consultant

Remi has then illustrated what the work of a consultant can look like. With the example of an energy audit of a swimming pool, it shows the different steps of the project from the data request, to the site visit, data analysis, report writing and presentation.

A successful consultant needs to have a strong technical background and excellent communication skills.

Tips to a future engineer

Finally, Remi shared his tips to the students to become a good engineer:

  1. Humility
  2. Continuous learning
  3. Asking questions
  4. Accuracy and integrity
  5. Learn to say no
  6. Go home after work
Zero Waste City thanks again the opportunity given by BestTop Career to lead this presentation and will continue its advocacy work towards waste reduction by raising awareness with students and businesses.
Pictures taken by BestTop Career showcasing the presentation by Remi Cesaro (Source: Instagram besttopcareer)

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About Zero Waste City

Zero Waste City is a consulting business specialised in waste reduction for commercial and industrial facilities. We help companies to save money by reducing waste and to achieve Zero Waste goals. Our services include:

Our services include:

  • Waste audit (quantifying waste streams and identifying immediate cost saving opportunities)
  • Compliance with regulations such as:
    • Mandatory Packaging Reporting
    • Mandatory Waste Reporting
    • Mandatory Food Waste Segregation
  • Project implementation and on-going support
  • Measurement and Verification of savings
  • Guidance to achieve Zero Waste goals and certifications.