Applications for the SPA Awards 2020 are now open!

Either you are a member of Singapore Packaging Agreement (SPA) or not, it is time to prepare your application for the SPA Awards 2020, and to benefit from a national recognition for your achievements!

A quick background about Singapore Packaging Agreement (SPA). It is a joint initiative by government, industry and NGOs to reduce packaging waste, which constitutes about one-third by weight of Singapore’s domestic waste. The Agreement is voluntary, so as to provide flexibility for the industry to adopt cost-effective solutions to reduce waste.

NEA launched the first SPA in 2007 to reduce packaging waste. It was signed by various parties including industry associations, individual companies, non-governmental organisations, the Waste Management & Recycling Association of Singapore, public waste collectors and NEA on 5 June 2007. As of 17 July 2019, there are 239 signatories, 54,000 tonnes of packaging waste reduced and $130 million in savings over a 10-year period. More details here.

For companies that are currently not parties to SPA but wish to join the Agreement, you still have time to do so until 30 June 2020 and complete the SPA Application form and send completed form to the contact information found below.

In recognition, Singapore Packaging Agreement (SPA) is pleased to inform signatories that SPA Awards for 2020 is now open. The awards are given to signatories who have made notable achievements and contributions towards the goals of SPA. You can read the case studies from 2019 here

Signatories who have submitted a packaging waste reduction case study by the deadline of 29 February 2020, for new initiatives implemented within the period 1 March 2019 to 29 February 2020 are eligible for the award. 

Assessment Criteria

On 29 February 2020 will be the closing date for the submission of case studies. There will be an assessment period including on-site audits for selected case studies until the Awards ceremony which is being planned for mid-2020.

All applications should be submitted to:

Singapore Packaging Agreement Secretariat

40 Scotts Road, #11-00, Environment Building, Singapore 228231


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Our services include:

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  • Project implementation and on-going support
  • Measurement and Verification of savings
  • Guidance to achieve Zero Waste goals and certifications.