Remi Cesaro

Recycling: from PET bottles to Polyester clothing

Each year Singaporeans consume over 1.76 billion plastic items such as PET bottles, plastic bags, plastic disposables. Unfortunately, in 2018, the recycling rate of plastic was only 4%. One of the main challenges in plastic recycling is the segregation of materials.

Single Use Form

ZW alternative to single use customer form

Have you ever filled a form whom the only purpose is to be re-copied by a secretary only a few minutes later into a computer? Those customer forms (survey, pre-consultation, tests…) have a useful life of fewer than 5 minutes and can represent a significant use of resources.

Eco Action Day Roundtable - The road to zero waste

Eco Action Day Roundtable – The road to zero waste

In the context of Singapore’s Year Towards Zero Waste and the dramatic changes in the recycling landscape, professionals worked together to relook and reimagine how we handle waste and ask critical questions about the future of recycling.

Why do you want to be a Zero Waste company?

Zero Waste encompass virtually all parts of a business. Therefore, when answering the question, the reasons can be very different depending on who you talk to. This drawing is an elegant illustration of the diversity of reasons in going Zero Waste.

IDEATHON on Food Waste in Singapore

In 2017, 809,000 tonne of food was thrown away in Singapore, so 144 kg/person/year, whereas 600,000 Singaporeans are food insecure. How much food could be recovered? What are the challenges?… For 2 days, experts involved in the food and waste industry joined an IDEATHON to understand the issues and propose solutions.

The case for a deposit scheme in Singapore

The case for a deposit scheme in Singapore

Plastic waste is a growing concern worldwide. The mismanagement of plastic represents a significant risk for the environment, human health, and the communities. The growing demand for plastic along with the depletion of resources raise concerns about the sustainability of the current modes of consumption. We published an overview of the Norwegian Deposit Scheme where we draw a comparison with Singapore.

What are challenges faced by businesses when going Zero Waste

What are challenges faced by businesses when going Zero Waste?

The safety of our planet is continually threatened by global warming resulting from human and industrial activities. Although we are far from reversing some of the repercussions resulting from pollution-emitting activities of man, some companies are showing leadership by implementing long-term projects which offer solutions to the waste challenge we are confronting.