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50 years of waste management in Singapore – recycling (part 1)

50 years of Waste Management in Singapore – Recycling (part 1)

Recycling has always existed, either as a formal sector or as an informal sector. In this new section of the review of “50 year of waste management in Singapore” we are exploring a brief summary of the history of waste management and some of the key concepts of the recycling eco-system.

Workshop – Complying with Mandatory Reporting Requirements

The SMF, in collaboration with the NEA, is organising a workshop to learn, discuss, and get tips on best practices on how to comply with the Mandatory Packaging Reporting (MPR). Obligated companies shall submit the first annual packaging reports containing the 2021 packaging data by 31 March 2022 together with the 3R plans.

50 years of waste management in Singapore – waste management roadmaps

50 years of waste management in Singapore – waste management roadmaps

Like energy, waste, or food, waste management is an essential service for a community to sustain itself. Every 10 years, Singapore government revises and updates its long-term strategy and goals around waste management. In this article, we briefly present the different waste management roadmaps of Singapore.

Food Waste Fund

Have you heard about the Food Waste Fund? It is a co-funding program managed by the NEA to support businesses in implementing food waste recycling and reduction programs. In a nutshell, this program covers 100% of the capital costs of eligible projects, up to $100k.  Check our factsheet to know more about the eligibility requirements …

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